Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 (gold model). It’s a mini portable speaker that you can bring along with you both indoors and outdoors. The noticeable difference between this and the predecessor speaker (V1) is the hole pattern has slightly changed, and the speaker drivers has been buffed up considerably for better audio quality, and the speaker casing is much more rock solid. Before diving into the review, let’s check out the features and technical specifications of this speaker! Note: It comes in 5 different colors: purple, pink, gold, blue and red.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Overview


  1. Music on the move: Supports various music playback modes. Compatible with TVs, tablets, laptops, smartphones and more. Supports Bluetooth, AUX input and Handsfree.
  2. Power for your playlists: Weighs 270g only and up to 8 hours of playback on a full charge for dance practices, travel trips and more.
  3. Handsfree support for calls: Has a built-in microphone. Pauses music playback when you receive calls. Transition to handsfree mode by pressing play button.
  4. Vibrant metallic finish: Smooth metal casing undergone sandblasting, laser engraving, and two coats of anodized oxide color.
  5. Big on sound, small in size: Stereo sound volume up to 90dB(A) @ 50cm which is equivalent to the maximum pink noise signal output measured in a 28m² conference room.
  6. Dual 36mm drivers, NdFeB magnets: Both built-in speaker drivers use strong NdFeB magnets paired with black anodizing oxide aluminum alloy diaphragm and Ferrotec FRM4005 Ferrofluid cooling technology to produce richer and truer music quality.
  7. Dual Color Injection Molded. Integrated Bass Radiator: Uses double color injection molding in bass radiator to reproduce authentic sound quality for an immersive music experience.
  8. Avnera AV3102. The Flagship Amplifier System-on-Chip (SOC): The Avnera AV3102 chip offers an exquisite and balanced tone while supporting a maximum of 19 PEQ adjustments and 12 levels of DRC. Its aluminum alloy diaphragm can withstand higher levels of acoustic pressure to achieve crystal clear trebles. Even on low battery, Mi Bluetooth Speakers can operate at full volume while sounding crisp an clear.

Technical Specifications

  1. Speaker Power: 2x 3W, capable of 90db.
  2. Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm Audio Input, micro SD card
  3. Range: Approx. 10m
  4. Battery: 1500mAh
  5. Power: USB 2.0 port for charging
  6. Size: 168 x 58 x 24.5mm
  7. Weight: 209g

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Video

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Sound Test

SonicGear Pandora Mini vs Xiaomi Mi Speaker V2 Comparison


Packaging and Accessory: The Xiaomi only provides 2 items which are user manual guide in Chinese and a carrying pouch. For international users, you may want to view the English user manual online. The carrying pouch has a small opening, therefore it’s a little hassle putting the speaker in it.
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Accessory


Design-1: Here is a close look at the front of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2. There are many holes and the ones on the side formed a pattern, while MI logo is located in the bottom center. The edges on the top and bottom are smoothly curved. For the sides, the edges are dulled so it does not do any harm. If dirt/sand goes enters through these holes, you will have a very difficult time of cleaning it as it requires removing the side plastic and 2 mini screws at the bottom (covered by the anti-slip pads).
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Design Front

Design-2: The left side of the speaker has 4 buttons. Starting from top to bottom: Start/Shutdown button which you need to press and hold for 2 seconds (it also acts as a Play/Pause button). The second button is increases volume (short press) and move to next music track (long press). Third button is the decrease volume (short press) and move to previous music track (long press). The last button is the battery indicator (short press) and Bluetooth device switcher (long press). The right side contains all the input ports. Starting from top to bottom (Auxiliary Input, Mic, Micro USB port, SD Card port). When you first start the speaker, it will always go into Bluetooth mode unless you have SD card inserted or Auxiliary Input. Priority of mode is sequenced as SD, Auxiliary Input and finally Bluetooth.
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Design Sides

Design-3: Here is the rear of the speaker. There is nothing here except for the plain metallic structure. Do take notice that it can easily gets scratches with any sharp objects even though its made of metal. The casing is cool to the touch and slightly warm when playing loud music for a long period of time.
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Design Rear

Design-4: The bottom of the speaker only has 2 mini anti-slip pads that prevent the speaker from moving easily. However, after testing with some heavy bass music or play the music at a very high volume, the speaker still does move around. I wished that the anti slip pad covers the whole bottom area to make this speaker much more stable.
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Design Bottom



  1. Excellent audio: Great stereo speaker sound for its price. Crisp clear treble and decent bass.
  2. Ultra Portable: Light-weight and compact in size. Fits into pockets and backpacks.
  3. Durable: The hard rectangular aluminium shell protects the delicate components inside.
  4. Multi-audio Support: User’s can play music using either Bluetooth, Auxiliary In and also SD Card.
  5. Auto-Shutdown: When speaker is not playing audio for 10 minutes, it will automatically turned off to conserve battery.


  1. Unable to switch between different inputs (Bluetooth / AUX / SD): User unable change to other mode with a press of a button.


  1. Bluetooth Hiccups: During Bluetooth usage within 1 meter from audio source, sometimes audio abruptly losses and resumes streaming connection.
  2. Small Anti-slip Pads: The vibration from heavy bass music can easily make this speaker move around.
  3. Chinese Voice-overs: The voice for successful Bluetooth connection and battery indicator not useful for international users.
  4. Chinese User Manual: Not useful for international users. However, English user manual is provided online.
  5. Less Audio Format Support: Only supports MP3 and WAV.
  6. No FM Radio: Less expensive speakers includes FM radio to play music when there are no external devices to connect.
  7. MicroSD for China models: Only China Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker V2 comes with microSD slot while other areas may not include it.
  8. No Volume Memory: Does not save the volume settings of the speaker. Have to manually set it each time you use the speaker.

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2 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Review

  1. Will

    Hi can I check when you mentioned that it will auto power off after 10 mins when no audio is played, does it happen even if Bluetooth connection is maintained? If I leave mine idle for 10 mins connected on Bluetooth but no audio is played for 10 mins my Bluetooth connection will be automatically disconnected. Can I confirm if it happens to you as well? If it does, do you know of any solution? Thanks.

    1. Gene Post author

      @Will: I’m using the China version of Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker. I have re-tested it today after reading your comment and it will auto-turn off after 10 minutes even when there is Bluetooth connection to the phone but the phone is not providing any audio signal. It’s a feature to conserve battery.