SonicGear Blue Cube Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing SonicGear Blue Cube speaker which is launched in Q1 2019. It’s a USB Powered mini powerful speaker with Bluetooth 5.2 capabilities. The SonicGear Blue Cube can play music by connecting it to an audio device via wired 3.5mm audio jack or wirelessly with Bluetooth. SonicGear also provide an app called SonicGo that can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store to your smartphone. Having that app, you can stream your favorite FM radio to the speaker. The price of SonicGear Blue Cube is approximately RM28.

Note: This speaker has various models (peach, white, black, mint). The model that I have with me its the white model.

Technical Specifications

  1. USB Powered Speakers
  2. 2 x 2.5W RMS Output
  3. Advanced Bluetooth version 5.2
  4. Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 20 KHz


Packaging: The SonicGear BlueCube speaker is packaged in a white and transparent plastic box. The front displays a glimpse of the speaker. The rear of the packaging briefly lists the specifications of this speaker. In addition, it mentions that it has an application that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play for Android OS and Apple App Store for iPhone iOS.
SonicGear Blue Cube Speaker Packaging Front and Rear


Design-1: Here is an overview look of the speaker. There are 2 cubes, each cube has 1 speaker driver. Both cubes are linked to a USB connector which houses some electronic component that allows it to receive Bluetooth signal from your smartphone or any Bluetooth devices that acts as the audio source for music. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack cable.
SonicGear Blue Cube Speaker Overview

Design-2: Here is a closer look at the speaker cubes. The front of the speaker has these plastic horizontal cuttings that allows the sound to disperse whereas the rear has a mini port hole for the air to enter and exit when the speaker drivers vibrate.
SonicGear Blue Cube Speaker Design Front and Rear


SonicGear Blue Cube Speaker Sound Test (Instrumental, Vocal, Techno, Trance, Bass)



  1. Affordable, simple, lightweight and portable mini speaker that can be used with laptops.
  2. Speaker capable of playing music wired via 3.5mm audio jack and wirelessly with Bluetooth.


  1. Soft buzzing white noise emitted from the speaker when there is no music played.


  1. Unable to stream audio to laptop or desktop computers via USB only. Requires the 3.5mm audio jack connection.
  2. Lacks a subwoofer to provide a fuller richer sound in the mid and lower frequencies.
  3. The speaker drivers audio dispersion sounds quite narrow, so it’s best to place it facing directly pointed to the ears.

Additional Information

  1. Leapfroglobal Official Website
  2. Leapfroglobal Official Online Store
  3. SonicGear Facebook

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