SonicGear Aquarius Fountain Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the SonicGear Aquarius (2017) Speaker that is released in 2017. What makes this speaker extraordinary is it sprays stream of water upwards similarly to a fountain according to the music rhythm! The distilled water is illuminated by the colorful lighting effects emitted from the bottom. The speaker audio output is similar to an omnidirectional a.k.a 360 sound speaker. Before diving into the review, let’s take a quick glance of the technical specifications and features that this product has to offer!


  1. Multi-color LED water fountain speaker
  2. Built-in 1200mAh Lithium Ion Battery, lasts for more than 4 hours of continuous play (mid volume)
  3. Input: Bluetooth, TF-Card, USB, Line-in
  4. Stream music from all Bluetooth gadgets wirelessly

Technical Specifications

  1. Total System Power (RMS): 2.5W x 2
  2. Driver Size: 2″
  3. Impedance: 4 Ohms
  4. Frequency Response: 90Hz~20kHz
  5. S/N Ratio: ~85dB
  6. Input Power: USB 5V
  7. Rechargeable Battery: 1200 mAh
  8. Continuous music with light effects: up to 4 hours
  9. Speaker Mode/Function: Bluetooth / Auxiliary In / TF Card


Packaging: Here is the front and rear of the box. The front displays the 3 inputs which user can use to stream music to this speaker. The rear displays the technical specifications of the Aquarius (2017) Speaker.
SonicGear Aquarius (2017) Speaker Packaging

Accessories: The Aquarius (2017) Speaker accessories includes 1 speaker, 1 pipette to fill distilled water into the speaker, 1 spare rubber cover (in case the original cover is lost), 1 auxiliary-in cable (24 cm) and 1 USB charging cable which is micro-USB to USB (22 cm).
SonicGear Aquarius Speaker Accessories


Design-1: Here is a view of the speaker when its turned off and turned on (with water fountain activated). The water droplets does not fall completely.
SonicGear Aquarius Speaker On Off

Design-2: The front of the speaker has 4 buttons (Mode: Bluetooth/Aux-In/TF Card), Previous ~ Volume Down, Play ~ Pause, Forward ~ Volume Up. The rear of the speaker has TF input, Auxiliary Input, DC+5V (for charging) and power switch (off/on/audio only without fountain turn on).
SonicGear Aquarius Speaker Interface

Design-3: Here is a closer look at the speaker driver located at the bottom. There is a 2 inch sound driver and 1 mini passive bass radiator.
SonicGear Aquarius Speaker Sound Driver

Design-4: The speaker comes in 4 colors: red, green, blue and gray.
SonicGear Aquarius Speaker Models


SonicGear Aquarius Water Fountain Speaker that supports Bluetooth, Aux In and SD Card!

SonicGear Aquarius Water Fountain Closeup



  1. Light-weight and small. Easy to find place to put on desk.
  2. Has built-in battery to allow for outdoor usage.
  3. Has multiple audio input (Bluetooth, SD card, Aux In) to play music.
  4. No audio distortion when playing music while charging.
  5. Single large anti-slip padding on the bottom to prevent speaker from vibrating on desk.


  1. The front buttons has engraved labels instead of using dark fonts and this makes it difficult to read.


  1. Audio sounds mono instead of stereo as it only has 1 sound driver in the speaker.
  2. Charging cable and Auxiliary cable is quite short.
  3. The battery light only indicates its currently charging but not fully charged.
  4. The fountain jets sprays water at greater height only when volume is set high.
  5. Water droplets stay on the transparent plastic, slightly obscuring the beautiful water fountain light.

Additional Information

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