Elysium Iron Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Elysium Iron Mini portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s a mini speaker that projects an attractive retro design which brings back old memories of a vintage speaker. The speaker is capable of streaming music via Bluetooth, Wired (AUX) and FM (Radio). This speaker comes in 4 different colors: red, white, black and mint.

Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Overview


  1. Acoustic Bass Enhancement: Produce mids and trebles from front, while pumping powerful, deep full-bodied bass behind.
  2. Tiny Size Big Sounds: Powered with two 10-watt amplifiers, it sounds more vast compared to similar size speaker.
  3. Richer and Full-bodied Content: Waves® MaxxAudio Acoustic Solution built into the speaker to produce perceived low bass to compensate acoustic limitations.
  4. 6 Hours Bluetooth Music: Has a 2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours playing CD quality music.
  5. Color options: Turquoise Blue, Pure White, Venetian Red or Olive Green.
  6. Enhanced bass driver pumps out powerful and full-bodied bass while not sacrificing mids and trebles
  7. Switch between good ol’ days of radio channel surfing or streaming music via Bluetooth.

Technical Specifications

  1. Speaker Size (mm): 2 x 52
  2. Max Power (W): 2 x 10W
  3. Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  4. Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20kHz
  5. Impedence: 4Ω S/N Ratio: 80dB
  6. Bluetooth range: Up to 10m (Line of sight)
  7. Size inches: 7.08 x 4.13 x 2.75 inch / 180 x 105 x 70 mm
  8. Weight: 550g / 1.21lbs


Packaging-1: Here is the front of the Elysium Iron Mini Packaging. The one I’m having is the White model.
Elysium Iron Mini Packaging Front

Packaging-2: On the side of the packaging displays the Technical Specifications of this Bluetooth Portable Speaker and the contents of this packaging.
Elysium Iron Mini Packaging Rear

Accessory: Elysium Iron Mini packaging contains the Iron Mini speaker, 1 Vegan Leather Strap, 1 Audio line-in cable, 1 Charging Cable and a user manual.
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Accessory


Design-1: Here is a look at the front of the speaker. It has these 1950s old school radio with a modern feel to it. The speaker driver is protected by the metallic-appearance glossy fins and additional black metal grill. On the black metal grill, there is the radio frequency label which illuminates with white light based on the frequency that is tuned in. If the radio is being charged, you will see a “thunder” icon in orange lit up as well.
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Front

Design-2: The top of the Elysium Iron Mini speaker has 4 buttons and 1 rotating dial button. Starting from top left to right bottom: On/Off Button, Play/Pause Button, Increase Volume, Decrease Volume, LED indicator (red = AUX, blue = bluetooth, green = FM Radio) and lastly the rotating dial to change the FM radio frequency. You will need to press and hold the on/off the speaker. You can also disconnect Bluetooth devices by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button.
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Top

Design-3: At the rear of the speaker, there is an ultra large diagrahm which allows it to deliver powerful bass. On the left side, there is an audio jack to connect speaker via cable, and a charging port that uses mini-USB connector. You will not be able to play music via USB cable though.
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Rear

Design-4: On the bottom of the speaker, there are 4 rubberized feet to prevent vibrating the surface its placed on when the music is being played. The rubber can be easily remove so take care not to lose them when moving them around!
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Bottom

Design-5: You will need to install the provided pleather strap manually using a screw driver. It would take probably 10 minutes for both sides, tighten the screws with a screw driver.
Elysium Iron Mini Speaker Pleather Strap


Elysium Iron Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker Sound Test (Instrumental, Techno, Bass)

Elysium Iron Mini, Lofree Poison Speaker vs Edifier MP700, M7 Speaker (ft. JFla – Spectre)

Elysium Iron Mini, Lofree Poison vs Edifier MP700 M7 Speaker (ft. Wintergatan Marble Machine)

Elysium Iron Mini, Lofree Poison Speaker vs Edifier MP700 M7 Speaker (ft. Marcelito The Prayer)

Elysium Iron Mini aka Lofree Poison Speaker Pleather Strap Setup (FM Radio)


I really like the design of the Elysium Iron Mini speaker retro design. It has a cool glossy finish and metallic design which makes it look like a luxury product. I’m shock that this mini speaker can play such a large volume for its tiny body with decent audio quality compared to other speakers in the market within the same price range. I would recommend this speaker for those who are looking for a unique speaker to fit into their workspace.


  1. Able to play music from various sources such as Bluetooth, Cable (Aux) and FM Radio.
  2. Can be charged using Portable Power Banks and regular USB cable.
  3. Can easily fills up a small~medium size room at 80% volume.
  4. Lightweight, mini-sized and equipped with carrying strap makes it easy to bring around everywhere you go.


  1. Switching between various modes is slow, need to wait for the voice command to finish.
  2. The FM radio frequency indicator is not well-lit to see clearly the current channel its playing.
  3. Sound quality differs by a huge margin between sources. Playing music via Bluetooth sounds much better compared to Aux cable.


  1. Inconsistent volume when switching between music sources (AUX/Bluetooth/FM).
  2. Radio signal not able to receive indoors or outdoors in parking area with multiple storeys.
  3. Playing music loud slightly rattles the speaker plastic body, creating unwanted noise.
  4. Sometimes the radio rotating dial button gets stucked down and could not pop up.
  5. Listening the audio projected by the speaker directly from front is not that great compared to listening at angled slightly to the top.
  6. The rubber feet can be removed when moving the speaker around. Need to take pre-caution.
  7. Speaker does not stand firm on places that has lots of movement such as on car dashboard.

Areas for Improvement

If there is a 2nd revision of this speaker perhaps in 2~3 years time, I wished that the speaker comes with another rotating dial to replace the buttons used to adjust the volume and switching between sources. It’s much easier to set the volume just by rotating. Also, the rotating dial needs to be improved that provides a click-response instead of a mushy feel that is being poked down and unable to pop back up. Using a traditional switch is far simpler than pressing and holding for 3 seconds to turn on/off the speaker, which I find it takes too long for my preference. There are times when I bring the speaker out of the bag by holding the body, it will accidentally turn on the speaker. Reducing the number of buttons helps improve this aspect. The sound quality and volume needs to be improved between the sources (AUX/Cable) and hopefully needs to fix the crackling during high or max volume. For the FM radio, it would be great if it has a retractable long antenna to boost the FM radio signal. Just placing it in the middle of the building in an open-area with multiple-storeys high blinds the speaker from receiving good signal, and current workaround is to always to have it close to an opened window for better radio signal.

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