Edifier M3600D Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Edifier M3600D THX Certified 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System that was recently released in 2017. Edifier M3600D with advanced digital audio technology, low power consumption, built-in high efficiency D class digital amplifier, which can output total 200W RMS. 2.1 active speakers with unique shape and MDF satellite to provide stability and strong impact; 80-inch unit subwoofer can output 130W real power, low frequency can dive to 40Hz; whether it is connected to the computer to enjoy music, or gaming or home theater, M3600D is the best choice of the sound. Before diving into the review, let’s take a look at the Edifier M3600D specification and features that it has to offer!

Note: The Edifier M3600D satellite speaker flanks the Dell U2713HM IPS 27 inch monitor and it’s connected to the HiMedia Q10 Pro via Optical cable. It’s size makes it easy to place in desks that are small in width. If you have small desk, it’s preferable to get 2.1 speaker system instead of bookshelf speakers.
Edifier M3600D Speaker Overview


  1. THX Certified
  2. Class D Amplifier
  3. (210mm) 8″ Subwoofer Driver
  4. Digital Optical (toshlink) & Coaxial input, PC / AUX dual analog inputs
  5. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  6. 100-240V power supply

Technical Specifications

  1. Power output: RMS 35W x 2 (satellites) + 130W (subwoofer)
  2. Signal to noise ratio: Satellites: ≥ 84 dBA
  3. Subwoofer: ≥ 80 dBA
  4. Frequency response: 40 Hz – 20 KHz
  5. Input sensitivity: Line 1: R/L: 600 ± 50 mV, SW: 1300 ± mV
  6. Line 2: R/L: 800 ± 50 mV, SW: 1700 ± mV
  7. AUX: R/L: 550 ± 50 mV, SW: 1200 ± mV
  8. Opt/Coax: R/L: 350± 50 mV, SW: 750 ± mV
  9. Input type: RCA stereo input (2 sets), Optical, Coaxial, AUX
  10. Dimensions: 85 x 175 x 105 mm (per satellite), 265 x 280 x 295 mm (subwoofer)


Design-1: This is the right/active satellite speaker. It has a knob for user to increase/decrease the volume. Pressing the knob allows user to switch to different speaker inputs. The bass adjustment can only be set at the rear of the subwoofer and not at this satellite speaker which makes it quite inconvenient. There is a small hole at the rear of this satellite which does not serve any purpose. I thought its used to connect to the left/passive satellite speaker.
Edifier M3600D Right Satellite Speaker

Design-2: This is the left satellite speaker. Both satellite speaker looks the same as the Edifier R19U speaker which I have previously reviewed. It has a thin cloth that is used to protect the speaker driver from being touched/poked by external objects. Both satellite speakers are tilted at a 10° angle to ensure the sound is projected directly to your ears.
Edifier M3600D Left Satellite Speaker

Design-3: Here is the 8-inch subwoofer front view. Looks so big and it simply dwarf the satellite speaker. The subwoofer speaker is protected with a metal grill and the port is located on the sides.
Edifier M3600D Front Subwoofer Speaker

Design-4: The speaker interface (audio inputs) are located at the rear of the subwoofer. Initially, I had some trouble connecting the speakers cables since I thought the cable from the left satellite speaker can be used to connect to the right satellite speaker, but it should be connected to the subwoofer. The port hole on the right of the subwoofer makes it easy to carry the subwoofer up.
Edifier M3600D Rear Subwoofer Speaker

Design-5: Usually mid-range to high-end Edifier speaker provides multiple auxiliary inputs, coaxial input and optical input. However, this speaker does not provide Bluetooth feature. Therefore, if you would like to pair it with your smartphone, you will need to use the provided 3.5mm RCA audio cable which is about 1.7 meter. Toslink optical audio cable is not provided and required to be purchased separately. There is another knob here that allows user to increase/decrease the bass effect.
Edifier M3600D Subwoofer Speaker Interface


Audio recorded with Zoom H1, Video recorded with Samsung S8+, Audio Source: HiMedia Q10 Pro (Optical Digital Input)

Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker Test (Instrumental, Techno, Bass)
Testing the Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker System with various music genre.

Edifier M3600D THX Certified 2.1 Speaker (Female Vocal Test)

Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker Instrumental Test with Wintergatan Marble Machine
Testing the Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker System with a mixture of choir, violin and drum in the music.

Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker Sound Test with (Choir, Violin, Drums)
Here is another speaker sound test of the Edifier M3600D 2.1 Speaker System with a mixture of choir, violin and drum in the music.

User Experience

The satellite speakers of Edifier M3600D reminds me of Edifier R19U. The small satellite speaker means small speaker driver and not being able to have a dedicated tweeter and mid speaker driver. Listening to the sound from satellite speaker feels that the highs and mids being limited to a certain degree. The mellow sparkling highs and warm mids feels non-existent. However, this new speaker driver shape uses similar technology from Edifier S350DB and the sound projected from it feels forward (coming towards you) instead of being held back which is a good thing. The satellite speaker sounds directional. You will need to position it facing towards you, otherwise it will not sound that great. The satellite speaker does not have bass adjustment knob. Therefore, it is quite inconvenient having to crawl beneath the computer desk to re-adjust the bass settings. The speaker accessory does not provide speaker remote control. Having said that, user like me will probably have to spent some effort moving towards the TV to switch to different audio modes or adjust the sound volume. I’m also quite surprise that Toslink optical audio cable is not provided in the accessory set as Edifier speaker usually comes with it within the original price range. As a user, it means you will need to buy a new cable for that if you want to connect your audio source to the subwoofer Optical input.


The Edifier M3600D is a decent 2.1 multimedia speaker which provides good audio experience. However, it is ineffective in filling up a a medium~large room with good sound for an enjoyable experience due to the small satellite speaker. It’s best recommended for desktop usage. Currently, this speaker is sold on Lazada for RM399 (original price is RM799). If you are looking to buy a speaker at a discount, grab this offer before it runs out of stock! Alternatively, if you are looking for a more elegant and powerful 2.1 speaker system which is able to deliver punchier deeper bass and sparkling mellow highs, I highly recommend the Edifier S350DB speaker which costs slightly more but it worth every penny. Otherwise, if you are looking for a more feature-rich 2.1 speaker system, I would advice to go for Edifier C3X speaker which costs slightly lesser of the original price of M3600D.


  1. Excellent spatial positioning to pinpoint the audio source accurately in games and movies.
  2. Small satellite speaker makes it easy to place on desk with little space.
  3. No white noise produced when the speaker is left idle or upon power on/off.
  4. Compatible with different input audio ports (Auxiliary/Coaxial/Toslink)
  5. No audio distortion when playing at high volume.


  1. Does not come with a remote control.
  2. Lacks of Bluetooth and NFC feature to play from smartphone or wireless audio devices.
  3. Bass settings is not located on the satellite speaker which makes it inconvenient to adjust.
  4. Shallow bass with strong boomy effect that overpowers the high and mid frequencies. Requires proper orientation of satellite speakers and bass adjustment on subwoofer else the audio will sound muddy.
  5. Narrow highs and mids frequencies from satellite speakers due to lack of dedicated tweeter and mid speaker driver.

Areas for Improvement

If Edifier were to come up with another new improvement on M3600D, I would like to see more added value and quality to compensate its high price. Reason being, when compared to other Edifier speakers such as Edifier R2730DB and Edifier C3X, these speakers are priced lower and offers much better overall sound quality and accessory.

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