Edifier G4 Gaming Headset Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Edifier G4 High Performance 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset which is released in 2017 along with the other headset such as Edifier G10 and G20. This headset is kinda special since it provides vibration feature which its said to provide a more immersive experience during gaming. Edifier G4 Headset comes in 3 variants (red-black, white-blue, green-black). Before diving into the review, let’s take a quick look on the Edifier G4 technical specifications and features that it has to offer!

Note: When you connect the Edifier G4 to your audio source, the sides of the earcups and microphone will light up with the main color theme of the headset! In addition, the microphone will not light up if you have mute it using the controller on the cable.


  1. Vibrating effects for complete immersion in the gaming world.
  2. Built-in sound card and virtual 7.1 sound channels that allows for personalized sound mode.
  3. Designed to connect directly to USB input on headphones for ease of use and mobility.
  4. Woven metal mesh design and LED effects on headphones will inspire the best of gamers.
  5. Retractable microphone with flexible mic boom.
  6. Robust PVC cable with wired controller for volume and switching between operating functions.
  7. Headset compatible with PS4, MAC, Desktop Computer and Laptop.

Technical Specifications

  1. Driver Unit: 40mm neodymium drivers
  2. Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
  3. Impedance: 24 Ohms
  4. Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 103dB
  5. Weight: 0.36kg
  6. Audio Input: USB. Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4
  7. Accessory: User Manual


Packaging: The front of the box displays the red~black G4 headset with LED lights on. The back of the box describes the features of G4 along with the technical specifications which is listed above for your conveniences. Also, it displays the 3 variants of G4 that user can select (red~black, blue~white, green~black).

Unboxing: The headset is held firmly by the plastic cover on both top and bottom. It’s easy to remove the headset without needing to tear open the packaging. There aren’t any accessory that comes with it except for the user manual that describes where to download the Edifier G4 software and drivers.

Design-1: Here is an overview of the headset with the microphone extended out. As you can see, the headset structure does not allow for the earcups to collapse inwards to the headband for space saving.

Design-2: The cable measures 240 cm in length (60 cm from headset to volume controller + 180 cm from volume controller to USB 2.0 Type A connector). The length is sufficient to connect from the rear of your computer located beneath the desk too! If you’re connecting to a close audio source such as laptop, you can use the wire to tie the cable neatly. The controller on the cable can be used to turn on/off the vibration feature, increase~decrease audio volume, mute~unmute microphone and also turn the headset on/off without requiring to plug in/out the USB cable if the laptop/PC/PS4 isn’t able to detect the headset.

Design-3: Here is a closer look at the Edifier G4 headset with the microphone retracted. The audio cable is hard-wired (unable to remove it or swap with a different cable). Also, the sides of the earcup uses grill mesh to protect the vibration mechanism and LED lighting. The plastic material used here is glossy and can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

Design-4: There aren’t any buttons located on both sides of the earcups. The cable is only connected to only 1 side of the earcup which is a good thing as it will not obstruct the user much.

Design-5: The top of the headband has the Edifier branding. It’s made of hard but flexible glossy plastic. I do not dare to bent it too much as it may risk into broken plastic. I would prefer if its constructed using a strong light flexible metal with PU leather around it.

Design-6: The earpads is colored according to the selected G4 variant. In my case, it is red~black.

Design-7: The earpad internal diameter is 5cm x 6.5cm (width x height) whereas the earpad horizontal cushion width is 1.5cm and earpad vertical cushion width is 1.7cm. This thick earpad cushion blocks most of the external noise while the internal large diameter makes it very comfortable to fit in all ear sizes.

Design-8: The retractable microphone length is 9 cm. It can be bent to be positioned near to user’s mouth for better audio recording.

Design-9: The weight of the G4 headset without the cable is approximately 300g and with the cable is approximately 370g. The weight is same as Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset.

User Experience

When I first hold the Edifier G4 headset, it feels solid even though most of its structure its made of plastic. It wasn’t really heavy nor light. Upon wearing it and listening to some music, I noticed that it blocks external noise really well. It is very comfortable as it has lots of cushioning from both the headband and earpads. Also, the wide internal diameter of the earpads does not obstruct my ears which its a pleasant experience. The one thing I really hate about headset is the strong compression around the jawline and this headset does not have this issue! After wearing it for almost half an hour and I just feel warm around my ears. Since the earpads its made out of PU leather rather than velvet earpads, I believe users would sweat more easily using it since since its not breathable. Regarding the sound quality, it is excellent in terms of highs and mids but it


Edifier G4 headset performs very well with excellent sound clarity. However, it’s bass is not powerful compared to other headset within the same price range such as the Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset. It’s really comfortable when wearing the headset for a long duration during gaming or work as the large cushion earcups fits small to large ears. If you prefer clarity over bass, then this headset is recommended for you.


  1. Excellent sound clarity.
  2. Does not have strong clamping effect around the jawline which causes discomfort.
  3. Blocks external noise very well with the thick earpads.
  4. Retractable microphone is very useful when you want to keep it away.
  5. Very comfortable with thick cushion on the headband and earpads.


  1. Bass is shallow and weak even when vibration feature is turned on.
  2. Unable to enjoy bass without turning off the vibration feature.
  3. Vibration feature may contribute to discomfort for users who aren’t used to it.
  4. Does not have folding capability for better portability.
  5. Audio software driver is user interface is clunky and not user-friendly.
  6. The sound is wobbly when equalizer is enabled in Edifier G4 software.

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