Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo speaker (also known as Luna E 2.1). This 2.1 THX certified home theater speaker system has received the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 Innovation Awards Honouree for its outstanding design and engineering from independent industrial designers, engineers and trade media members. The MSRP (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price) is RM1599 with 1 year warranty. Before going into the details, let’s take a look at Edifier e235 technical specifications and features it has to offer!

Note: All 3 speaker sets have a visually striking sleek appearance. The e235 Luna Eclipse subwoofer dwarfs the satellite speakers in size and also in weight.


  1. THX certified home entertainment system with Kleernet 5.8Hz wireless subwoofer.
  2. Multiple source options including Bluetooth, optical and line input for versatile connectivity.
  3. Bluetooth 4.0 with built-in aptX codec for smooth wireless connectivity.
  4. Optical input ideal for digital audio devices including Playstation and Xbox for gaming.
  5. 5.8Ghz wireless active subwoofer with two 8 inch speakers delivers 100W RMS power.
  6. Wireless subwoofer with low latency (less than 18 milliseconds) 5.8G audio signal transmission.
  7. Dual active 8 inch driver enables the subwoofer goes down to 35Hz.
  8. Built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and 3D sound processing.
  9. Total 174W power output (100W for subwoofer, 22W x 2 for mid-ranges, 15W x 2 for tweeters.
  10. Input Sensitivity (AUX) R/L: 550±50mV and Subwoofer: 800±50mV
  11. Input Senstivity (Optical & Bluetooth): R/L: 300±50mFFS and Subwoofer: 250±50mFFS

Technical Specifications

  1. Total Power Output RMS: 16W x 2 (tweeter), 22W x 2 (mid-range), 100W (subwoofer)
  2. Tweeter: 3/4 inch (19mm) silk dome
  3. Mid-range woofer: 3 inch (82mm)
  4. Subwoofer: 8 inch (210mm)
  5. SNR (Signal to Noise ratio): ≥85dBA
  6. Distortion: Less than 5%
  7. Audio Input: Aux-In, Optical, Bluetooth
  8. Speaker Settings Adjustment: Touch sensitive controls on Right-Satellite Speaker, Remote Control
  9. Satellite Speaker Dimension: 112 x 212 x 222mm (width x height x depth)
  10. Subwoofer Speaker Dimension: 384 x 379 x 232mm (width x height x depth)
  11. Packaging Details: 618 x 500 x 320mm (dimension) + 18.1 KG


Packaging-1 Here is a look at the top of the box. It displays the brand “Edifier” along with the speaker model “e235”. It can be used with various devices such as Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC (Personal Computer), Notebook-Laptop and TV.

Packaging-2 The front packaging displays 6 mini boxes gives a brief description of the features: 5.8Ghz KleerNet (Wireless Audio Technology), Certified by THX, Bluetooth, aptX CSR, Optical Input, 176 watts R.M.S (Total Power Output).

Packaging-3 The rear packaging displays the technical specifications of the speaker which is provided at the top of this article.

Packaging-4 The left side displays a glimpse of the satellite speaker sideways lunar design.

Packaging-5 The right side packaging displays a glimpse of the subwoofer oval design.


Unboxing-1 The brown box is the one used for shipping the Edifier e235 retail-packaging.

Unboxing-2 Opening it up reveals the colored packaging wrapped in plastic for added protection during transportation.

Unboxing-3 Accessing the retail packaging reveals the usual thick white foam that has compartments to store the power brick and remote control.

Unboxing-4 Removing the top foam exposes the satellite speaker and subwoofer which are all covered with white semi-transparent cloth. The accessories are stored in the brown mini box.

Unboxing-5 Extracting all the contents out from the box unveils the bottom thick foam that has curvatures to hold the speaker in place during shipping.

Unboxing-6 Here are the satellite speakers protected with the white cloth, tied with the string.

Unboxing-7 Here is the massive heavy satellite speaker protected with the white cloth, tied with the string.

Unboxing-8 These are all the cables that are stored in that brown mini box.


Accessory-1 Here is an overview look of all the accessories that e235 provides. Starting from top left to bottom right: power adapter, power cord for subwoofer, black cleaning cloth, user manual guide, RCA to 3.5mm adapter, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio input cable, power cord for satellite speaker (China/UK plug type), Infra-Red IR remote control, optical fiber input (tosh-link) cable, speaker connecting cable for power.

Accessory-2 The optical fiber input (tosh-link) cable measures 56 inches in length.

Accessory-3 The RCA to 3.5mm adapter cable measures 5 inches in length.

Accessory-4 The 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with black audio jack measures 62 inches in length.

Accessory-5 The proprietary 6-pin speaker connection cable that delivers power to the secondary satellite speaker measures 115 inches in length, which is sufficient to placed the speaker wide apart to accomodate smart TV ranging from 40~65 inches in size.

Accessory-6 The remote control has a silver finish and rubberized texture feeling on the buttons. Starting from top to bottom: start button (long-press: On~Off / short-press: switch to Blue: Bluetooth / red: Optical / green: AUX mode), Volume Up/Down (Increase/Decrease), Subwoofer Bass (Left: Decrease-Bass/Right: Increase-Bass), Sound Mode: 3D mode, THX mode and music mode. The remote control uses CR2025 Lithium battery 3V which can be replaced by opening the cover at the rear using a coin. Turn cover anti-clockwise (horizontal) to open or clockwise (vertical line) to close.

Accessory-7 The accessory also comes with a silky smooth wiping cloth to remove any fingerprints or dust on the glossy speaker.

Power-1 This is the power adapter for the satellite speaker. It is used to connect the speaker to the power cord. The cable measures 69 inches in length

Power-2 This is the Type C 2-pin power cord for the power adapter. It is used to connect the power adapter to the power supply. The cable measures 66 inches. If you purchase this speaker in Malaysia/Singapore, you will receive this plug in the packaging.

Power-3 This is the Type A 2-pin power cord for the power adapter. It is used to connect the power adapter to the power supply. The cable measures 66 inches. If you purchase this speaker in China, you will receive this plug in the packaging.

Power-4 This is the Type I 3-pin power cord for the subwoofer to be connected directly to the power supply. The cable measures 62.5 inches. If you purchase this speaker in China, you will receive this plug in the packaging.

Power-5 This is the Type G 3-pin power cord for the subwoofer to be connected directly to the power supply. The cable measures 48 inches. If you purchase this speaker in Malaysia/Singapore, you will receive this plug in the packaging.


Design-1: The e235 comes in 5 different colors (white, blue, black, orange and red). Currently, the red model is available for purchase.

Design-2 Here are all the 3 speakers extracted from the white cloth sacks. The e235 satellite speaker is visually similar to the e25/e25HD Luna Eclipse. However, Edifier does not sell the subwoofer separately to be paired with either e25/e25HD Luna Eclipse as it does not have a special feature to communicate with the subwoofer.

Design-3 The front of each satellite speakers 1 silk-dome tweeter (19mm), 1 mid-range driver (82mm). The tweeter has a red metal ring to protect it from damaged if it were to fall flat on the front. It has the label “THX” on both speakers. The IR (infra-red) receiver is located on the right speaker. Both speaker weights 3.35Kg (1.7KG right speaker + 1.65Kg left speaker)

Design-4 Here is a look on the internal sides of the speaker. The right active speaker has 3 touch-key buttons (On/Off, Volume Up, Volume Down).

Design-5 Both external sides of the speaker are visually similar. Only the right sides of each speaker has the brand “Edifier”.

Design-6 The speaker rear has metallic pillar that provides support and giving room for the dual passive radiators to play its bass effect. The right active speaker has all the audio input while the left passive speaker only has the power connection port. Starting from top to bottom (active speaker): Auxiliary-Input or Optical-Input (proprietary), DC input (18V) and power connection port. The power connection is similar to the one used in computer power supply.

Design-7 Taking a look at the speaker’s bottom reveals anti-slip rubberized padding to provide firm grip on desk surface. The texture on the bottom feels rougher compared to the front where it is silky smooth rubberized texture.

Design-8 Each e235 satellite speaker comes with a dual passive bass radiators (top and bottom) for enhanced bass effect.

Design-9 The subwoofer is quite massive and heavy. It does not have any audio-input except for power connection. It receives its audio signals from the main e235 active speaker.

Design-10 Here is a look on the right side of the subwoofer.

Design-11 Here is a look on the left side of the subwoofer.

Design-12 The top of the subwoofer is minimalistic. When it’s powered on, user can see a faint glowing L.E.D. light on top of the subwoofer.

Design-13 It only requires a 3-pin power plug connector to power up this subwoofer. No audio cable required. There is a small curve to allow the power cable to pass through from the rear.

Design-14 Here is a look at the bottom of the subwoofer. I wished it had some kind of hook similar to a keyboard style to prevent the cable from going off the wrong direction.

Design-15 The subwoofer has a mini power adapter inside 100~240V 50/60Hz 800mA. The 3-pin power plug is similar to the ones used in computer power supply.


Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Test (Instrumental, Techno, Vocal, Bass)

Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Sound Test (Far Range)

Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Test (Warcraft Instrumental)

Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Test (Music, Gaming, Movie)

Edifier E235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Bass Test

Edifier E235 Luna Eclipse Apollo 2.1 Speaker Hertz Test (Hz)


Touch-Sensitive Buttons on the active Satellite Speaker

  1. Touching all 3 buttons briefly pauses audio player for all 3 sound modes (AUX/Bluetooth/Optical).
  2. Touching all 3 buttons longer will mute the speaker (L.E.D. blinks to indicate mute) for AUX and Optical input.
  3. Touching all 3 buttons longer will disconnect it from Bluetooth devices for Bluetooth input.
  4. Swiping from “Volume Down” button to “Start/Shutdown” button to skip next music track for Bluetooth input.
  5. Swiping from “Start/Shutdown” button to “Volume Down” button to skip previous music track for Bluetooth input.

Power Consumption

The Edifier e235 Luna Eclipse speaker testing is conducted at 80% volume using Optical fiber input for the highest audio quality.

  1. Satellite Speaker: Uses 5.6W on idle (no music playing)
  2. Satellite Speaker: Uses 6.6W (heavy bass music + subwoofer turn on)
  3. Satellite Speaker: Uses 20~30W (heavy bass music + subwoofer turn off)
  4. Subwoofer Speaker: Uses 6.6W on idle (no music playing)
  5. Subwoofer Speaker: Uses 20~70W on idle (heavy bass music)

Sound Quality

The Edifier e235 ticks all the check-boxes of the minimum requirements of a good speaker. It produces very crisp treble when playing vocals and instruments and techno trance. The Edifier e235 subwoofer is capable of producing wide deep bouncy bass at very low Hertz. This mitigates the low frequency bass workload off from the satellite speaker mid-range speaker so it can focus on producing crystal clear audio in the mid-higher frequency range. If the subwoofer is turned off, the satellite speaker delivers bass through its own sound drivers. It could play bass low and deep while reacting lightning fast and accurate too! The difference between the satellite speaker and subwoofer bass effects is how wide it is spread out. The subwoofer spreads the bass where is spreads it evenly in all directions whereas the one on the satellite speaker channels it in a more focus direction.


If you are looking for a excellent audio quality 2.1 speaker system that compliments your stylish home interior furniture, you could place this speaker into one of your purchasing options. Although is pricey, this speaker provides excellent build quality, distinctive appearance, tons of features and flexibility in audio inputs. For smaller rooms, you may also want to explore Edifier e25HD Luna Eclipse that provides the similar features as Edifier e235 satellite speaker but without a dedicated subwoofer.


  1. Futuristic sleek design for satellite speaker, subwoofer and remote control.
  2. The speaker produces crisp treble and good bass that makes it sound like the object is coming towards you.
  3. Brilliant design with audio input interface which can be used for both Optical and Auxiliary 3.5mm jack on the main satellite speaker rear.
  4. Wireless subwoofer makes it convenient to place in far corners of the room without having messy cable connecting to the satellite speaker.
  5. Fast Bluetooth pairing with wireless devices such as smartphones.
  6. Speaker provides 3 different listening modes (Music/THX/3D) for music listening and home movie theater viewing.
  7. Speakers are magnetically shielded from electromagnetic radio waves from mobile devices.
  8. Excellent build quality.
  9. Sparkling mellow treble, open clear midrange and potent bass.


  1. Losing the remote control prevents you to perform certain functionalities such as switching music/THX/3D modes, adjusting bass and switching input Bluetooth/AUX/Optical modes.
  2. Absence of L.E.D. display to indicate the speaker’s current volume.
  3. Remote control does not have pause/mute feature. Need to control it from the speaker, audio source or switch to unused audio-input mode.
  4. Unable to turn speaker off via remote control unless wired to an audio device.

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