AudioBox SonicBar BT150 and U150 Soundbar Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I” be reviewing 2 soundbar speakers which are the AudioBox SonicBar BT150 and U150. The BT150 has Bluetooth capability while the U150 aims for wired capability. The SonicBar U150 soundbar comes attached with a long USB cable and 3.5mm audio cable for power and audio source. The SonicBar BT150 comes equipped with attachable microUSB-to-USB cable for charging and the audio input can be sourced either from plugging in a a 3.5mm audio jack, stream wirelessly via Bluetooth or playing music from a Micro SD Card. The SonicBar BT150 is priced at MYR 80 (20 USD) while the SonicBar U150 is priced at MYR 70 (17 USD) at the point of this review being released.

Note: This soundbar is perfect speaker alternative when you have insufficient space for a bookself speaker to play music.

Technical Specifications

SonicBar BT150 (Bluetooth)

  1. Total Output Power (RMS) : 10W (5W x 2)
  2. Speaker unit : 40mm X 2
  3. Frequency response : 100HZ – 18KHZ
  4. Build-In Rechargeable Battery : 1800MAH 3.7V
  5. Bluetooth Wireless Distance : Up to 10M
  6. Power supply : DC 5V (via USB Power)
  7. Audio Input: AUX In, Blueooth, TF Input (TransFlash aka Micro SD Cards)
  8. Packaging Contents: Speaker, User Manual, 3.5mm audio cable, 1 microUSB-USB cable

SonicBar U150 (USB)

  1. Total Output Power (RMS) : 10W (5W x 2)
  2. Speaker Unit : 40MM x 2
  3. Frequency Response : 100HZ – 18KHZ
  4. Power Supply : DC 5V (via USB Power)
  5. Speaker Dimension: 400(W) x 55(D) x 60(H) mm
  6. Audio Input: AUX In (3.5mm audio jack + mic jack)
  7. Packaging Contents: Speaker, User Manual


Packaging-1: Here is the front of the packaging. You can see the feature of the speaker in icons on the right and the model of the speaker on the left.

Packaging-2: The package contents is also shown on one of the sides of the packaging.

Packaging-3: Technical specifications of both speakers are listed on the left of the packaging.

Accessories-1: Here are the contents of the SonicBar BT150 (Bluetooth model) : 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 microUSB to USB cable for charing, and a user manual.

Accessories-2: The SonicBar U150 comes only with hard-wired cable for both charging and streaming audio through wire and a user manual.


Design-1: The front of the speaker is protected by a silver metal grill. The overall build quality of the speaker is made of hard plastic. When shaked rigorously, there isn’t any components ratling inside.

Design-2: On the right side of the soundbar, there is a rotary knob that you can use the turn on the speaker and adjust the volume according to your preferences. If the volume is set above 60%, the audio output will sound distorted.

Design-3: The left side of the speaker does not have any buttons.

Design-4: The only differences of both speakers is just on the interface located on the left side.

Design-5: Here is a closeup comparison of the interface between the SonicBar BT150 (top) and U150 (bottom). The BT150 provides additional inputs for user to play audio (TF Card Slot to insert a micro SD card that contains audio tracks).

Design-6: For the SonicBar U150, it comes with 1 USB for power and the other 2 is for microphone and speaker/headphone.

Design-7: The SonicBar feet uses some kind of soft gray foam to absorb the vibrations from the speaker when its playing audio, rather than using rubberized anti-slip pads to grip on slippery surfaces.

Other: The width of the soundbar does not exceed much of the width of a 15 inch screen laptop. The laptop used here is the Dell Precision 3520.


Audiobox SonicBar BT150 Sound Bar Speaker Unboxing

Audiobox SonicBar BT150 U150 Speaker Sound Test



  1. Affordable soundbar for portable devices such as laptop. If your laptop speaker sounds tiny, you can use this soundbar to fill up a small room with sound easily.
  2. Good build quality with all-around hard plastic and metal grill to protect the speakers.
  3. Audio quality is decent for its price. The speaker does not come equipped with a mini subwoofer, so the bass audio section will be bland.


  1. SonicBar BT150 does not have a disconnect or switch Bluetooth device feature. If you have 2 Bluetooth devices and you want to connect them to the SonicBar, you will need to unpair them from the audio source device rather than from the SonicBar itself.


  1. The SonicBar does not have any pre-amp to amplify the audio when connected via 3.5mm audio cable. Therefore, user needs to ensure the audio source provides sufficient power so the audio level will be loud.

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