Armaggeddon MKA8C Psych Raven Mechanical Keyboard Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Armaggeddon MKA8C Psych Raven Mechanical Keyboard. It’s a gaming keyboard that implements ultra-durable blue mechanical switches, sleek metal top panel and multicolor backlight keyboard. In addition, this keyboard also supports NKRO (n-key rollover) which is crucial for some games and software (e.g. musical instrument emulation) that requires users to hit multiple keypresses simultaneously and quickly. Also, this keyboard provides additional features such as lighting customization for certain keys and switching to different lighting effects. Before diving into the review, lets view the features and specifications below.


  1. Content Switches – Extra durable blue mechanical switches
  2. Ultra durable 50 million cycle mechanical switches from Content – Consistent quality CONTENT switch with less than 5g variance in work/tactile force, compared to 15g in most other brands.
  3. Multicolor Backlight FX Keyboard – 6 backlight movement effects and 8+1 customizable profiles.

Technical Specifications

  1. Extra Durable Content Switches
  2. Blue Mechanical Switch
  3. 50 million cycle life span for both mechanical component and electronics in switch tested at a rate of 180 cycles per minute with and without electrical load of 10mA 5V DC.
  4. Total Travel: 3.6~4.0,,
  5. Work Travel: 2.20 +/- 0.6mm
  6. Work Force: 50+/- 5gf
  7. Tactile/Operating Force: 60+/- 5gf
  8. Tactile Travel: 1.8mm
  9. Trigger Force: Min 30gf, Max 65gf
  10. Keyboard Form Factor: Full Size
  11. Top Panel: Sleek metal plate
  12. Keycaps: 104 x KevlarTech High Quality Keycaps with lifetime fade proof warranty
  13. Cable: 1.5M High Quality cable with magnetic ring
  14. LED Indicator: Num Lock x1, Caps-lock x1, Scroll-lock x1, Win-lock x1
  15. Size: 446.4 x 160 x 25.5 mm
  16. Weight: 1120g +/- 5g

Packaging Contents

  1. 1 x Armaggeddon MKA8C Psych Raven Keyboard
  2. 1 x User Manual


Packaging-1: The front of the box displays the top view of the keyboard with the lights lit up. It also displays the keyboard brand “Armaggeddon” and the model name “MKA8C Psych Raven”. In addition, it highlights the 3 mains features (Ultra-Durable mechanical switches from Content, Sleek Metal Top Panel, and multicolor backlight keyboard) and a large stamp of 2 years warranty.

Packaging-2: On the rear of the packaging, it presents the features and technical specifications of the keyboard that are listed above this article. It mentions that it works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.


Design-1: Here is a view of the keyboard from the top without the keys light up.

Design-2: Here is another view of the keyboard from the top with the keys light up. The lighting colors is displayed through the semi-transparent symbols of the keys.

Design-3: Here is a closer look of each keys from the right side.

Design-4: Here is a closer look of each keys from the left side. The enter key and the backslash keys are positioned and shape differently compared to regular keyboards. If you are familiar with this layout design, you will not need to re-adapt to this keyboard.

Design-5: Here is a side by side comparison of the keys (before and after light up) with the key cap being removed.

Design-6: Here is a view of the keyboard from the sides. You can see the mechanical switches exposed beneath with its L.E.D light bulbs.

Design-7: Here is an overall view of the keyboard rear side. The backplate fully covers the keyboard all-around nicely.

Design-8: The cable is hardwired from the top left rather than from the center as most traditional keyboard.

Design-9: There are 4 anti-slip pads at each corner of the keyboard to provide some grip on the desktop. However, there aren’t any feets to raise the keyboard top height. Also, the top panel plating isn’t integrated as one with the keyboard. Hence, holding it up from the sides of the keyboard feels a little strange as you will be gripping the plate rather than having a firm grip of the side and bottom of the keyboard.

Design-10: Armaggeddon also includes a sticker with instructions of how to utilize the keyboard FN keys to customize the lighting effect, brightness and speed. Also, you can use it to customize certains keys to be lit up fora specific profile.


Armaggeddon MKA8C Mechanical Keyboard Lighting Effect and Customization



  1. Superb build-quality mechanical keyboard with decent amount of features at a budget friendly price.
  2. The mechanical keyboard uses ultra-durable concave mechanical switches with lifetime fade proof keycaps.
  3. The sleek metal plate panel allows easy to clean surface with fine paint brush and better aesthetics.
  4. Has media keys that could be accessed by pressing FN (function key) and one of the F1~F12 buttons.


  1. N/A


  1. The metal sleek plate panel is not integrated as one of the main structure of the keyboard body.
  2. The hardwired cable is not located at the center of the keyboard.
  3. Each keys are assigned to 1 type of color and they are non-alterable.
  4. The keyboard does not have feets to raise the top of the kyeboard slightly higher.


  1. The ripple lighting effect couldn’t keep up with the speed of the finger when 4 or more keys are pressed simultaenously.
  2. There is only 1 lighting customization allocated for the user (FN+9) while the remaining 8 are pre-defined and could not be altered.
  3. The enter key and backslash buttons size and shape are slightly different than traditional keyboards. User may need to adapt to these buttons if unfamiliar.

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