Armaggeddon Grumman Raven-III Gaming Mouse Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing Armaggeddon Grumman Raven-III. It’s a gaming mouse equipped with an optical sensor that can reached up to 4800 CPI (Counts Per Inch). In addition, it uses HUANO switches for extra durability while the cable is braided and has 16.8 million colour programmable RGB Lights that can be customized through the software provided on Armaggeddon website in the “Software Drivers” section. Armaggeddon recommended this mouse for FPS, MOBA, RTS, Sports, Combat, Action and others. Before we dive into the review, let’s check the features and technical specifications of this mouse below.

Armaggeddon Grumman Raven-III includes a free mouse pad to enhance the mouse’s usability for more accurate movement measurement and without jitter. Mouse pad width and height is 230 x 190 mm.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Mouse Overview


  1. World’s most durable HUANO 5 million click switches
  2. Macroable gaming mouse with 2-way click scroll.
  3. 16.8 million colours customizable RGB lights
  4. High performance tracking speed up to 160 inches per second
  5. Extra-set of Teflon footpads included
  6. Software for light and macro customization downloadable from website

Technical Specifications

  1. 5-Button + 2-Way click scroll
  2. Armaggeddon 814 Gaming Engine
  3. Resolution: 200-4800 CPI
  4. Frame Rate: 6000 fps
  5. Acceleration: 15g
  6. Polling rate: 500 RPS
  7. Tracking Speed: 60 inch/sec
  8. Dimensions: 117 x 65 x 38 mm
  9. Weight: 90g
  10. Matt UV Finish
  11. 1.8m ultra durable cable


Packaging-1: The front of the packaging displays the Grumman Raven-III mouse from the top view. It highlights 3 main features: 4800 CPI (High Resolution Gaming Mouse), HUANO (World’s Most Durable 5 Million Click Switches), and Macroable (Macros on 5 buttons + 2-Way Click Scroll). The rear of the packaging displays the features and specifications and also the serial number for warranty purposes (2-years warranty).
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Packaging Front Rear

Packaging-2: The sides of the packaging mentions that the mouse dimension (length x width x heights) is 117 x 65 x 38 mm, size 4 medium. The system requirements to use this mouse is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 or 10. At least 100MB of hard disk space and 256MB memory space required to run the software. 1 USB port is required to plug this mouse.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Packaging Front Rear


Design-1: Here is a close look of the mouse from teh top. There are 4 buttons (left button, scroll wheel button, right button, CPI button). CPI button can be programmed to execute a shortcut instead of switching to different level of CPI. The lighting can be viewed from the scroll wheel section and from the Armaggeddon logo.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Mouse Top

Design-2: On the left side of the mouse, there are 2 horizontal slim buttons that can be programmed. By default, the first button allows user to move forward in the browser page, while the second buttons travese pages backwards.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Mouse Left

Design-3: On the right side of the mouse, there aren’t any buttons. The mouse design is ambidextrous, it has the same curve on both sides.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Mouse Right

Design-4: The width and height of the mouse base is 50 x 100 mm. It has pre-installed large Teflon pads to make it glide on surfaces easily. The mouse serial number can be found on the bottom as well along with the Armaggeddon logo and model name.
Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Mouse Bottom


Armaggeddon Grumman Raven III Software

The Armaggeddon Software Driver for Raven-III mouse can be downloaded here.

Screen-1: The first screen is the “Base Setting” that allows user to customzie all 6 buttons. For starters, the 2-macroable buttons on the left-side and the DPI button can be programmed to execute specific shortcuts of your choice. The software provide some pre-made shortcuts for you to choose from such as Copy (CTRL+C), Paste (CTRL+V), Select All, Undo, Modify media volume, Skip Next/Previous + Play/Pause + Mute Music Track and so forth. In addition, it can also set the RGB lightning to match with the DPI settings you choose, so you can easily pinpoint the speed of the mouse cursor by looking at the color. Once set up, you can export/import these configs base on the application you are working on (e.g. gaming, photo-video editing, software coding, etc).

Screen-2: The second screen is the “Advanced Setting” that allows user to adjust the pointer precision, wheel speed and report rate for better mouse usability. You can also create Macro in this section to be assigned to one of the mouse button. For instance: Input a macro label (e.g. “SearchVideo”), Click “New” button to create a new macro with that label, click “Record” button to start recording your keyboard activities, and click “Stop” button to stop recording. Return to the first screen, select a mouse button to assign a macro button. This feature is really nice, however, it does not allow user to edit a keyboard button that was mistyped. Need to redo it again.

Screen-3: The third screen is the LED settings. You can set the mouse RGB Lighting pattern to either cycle different colors, light up only 1 color or play different color without fading effects or turned it off to avoid getting attention from other users. There are 7 main colors to choose from for the cyclic-LED switch: yellow, blue, purple, green, red, cyan and white.



  1. Braided cable for bettter durability although adds slightly more weight.
  2. Programmable mouse keys that can be programmed to performed shortcuts.
  3. RGB Lighting for users who like to pimped their computer accessory.
  4. Quiet and comfortable mouse buttons.
  5. Does not have rubberized grip on the mouse body as it tends to become gluish.


  1. None


  1. Rubberized scroll wheel attracts dust easily.
  2. The software to record keys to setup a macro is a nice feature but the implementation and user experience its not great.

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