Armaggeddon Alcatroz X-Craft Chroma3000 Keyboard Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Armaggeddon Alcatroz X-Craft Chroma3000 Keyboard. This keyboard displays vibrant full spectrum back-lighting which looks really nice in dark environment, has low profile and fast actuation keys which makes it quite comfortable to type on without requiring much effort to press the keys, and it also offers 6 hot keys which are media shortcuts! Before diving into the review, let’s take a quick look on the technical specifications and features that this product has to offer!

Armaggeddon Alcatroz XCraft Chroma3000 Keyboard Overview


  1. Soft and Silent Chiclet Keys: Soft touch membrane keys.
  2. Fast Actuation and Low Profile: Enables fast movements across the keyboard.
  3. 6 Hot-Keys: Shortcuts to media keys (volume increase/decrease, play-pause, forward~previous tracks
  4. UV Coated Keys: The fonts does not fade off easily. Fonts last longer.
  5. Spectrum Color Backlight – Multicolor backlights

Technical Specifications

  1. Keyboard Interface: USB
  2. Keyboard Keys: 104 + 6 (Hotkeys)
  3. Keyboard Cable Length: 1.4 meters


Packaging: Here is a look at the X-Craft Chroma3000 front packaging. It displays the keyboard with its RGB lighting. It also highlights the key features below. The rear of the packaging displays a concise technical specification of the keyboard along with additional information of the features. The description mentions that this product is granted 2 years warranty.
Armaggeddon Alcatroz XCraft Chroma3000 Keyboard Packaging


Design-1: The Alcatroz X-Craft Chroma3000 Keyboard has a very unique keyboard layout that manages to squeeze all the keys more tightly to accommodate the additional 6 hot keys located on the left while retaining the standard width and height of the keyboard. The keyboard bottom is equipped with 4 anti-slip pads to prevent the keyboard from sliding off the desk easily. The USB cable is measures 140 cm in length.
Armaggeddon Alcatroz XCraft Chroma3000 Keyboard Design 1

Design-2: Do take note that the “Enter” key is not the regular rectangular key cap! It might take some time to get used to it with the “Pipe or Forward Slash” key not positioned on top of the “Enter” key. The back-lighting can be turn on by pressing the “Scroll Lock” button key which is located just nearby the “Backspace” button.
Armaggeddon Alcatroz XCraft Chroma3000 Keyboard Design 2

Design-3: The “SHIFT” key located on the right-side is lightly longer compared to the one’s found on laptop and traditional desktop keyboard. All the keys on the “Z” row is bumped towards the right, making it quite a challenge to press the buttons accurately.
Armaggeddon Alcatroz XCraft Chroma3000 Keyboard Design 3




  1. Affordable: This keyboard provides hotkeys, lighting and quiet keystrokes which does cost a fortune.
  2. Hotkeys: 6 hot keys for easy access to media shortcuts and browser.
  3. Cool Back-Light: Spice up your PC desktop with some bright and multi-color light. Great for both bright and dark environment.
  4. Soft and silent key presses: Quite comfortable for long term usages.
  5. Light and portable: Can be used as a portable keyboard for LAN parties.


  1. None


  1. Unique Keyboard Layout: Slightly different compared to traditional keyboard. Users may need some time to readjust.
  2. No Function Keys: Back-light can only be turned on if scroll-lock is activated. It would be nice if it’s triggered with function key.
  3. No keyboard Legs: User’s does not have option to make keyboard lay totally flat or tilted at a higher angle.
  4. More Pressure for Key Activation: Some buttons requires more effort to press for it to activate as a successful click. (Keys for “S” and “M”)

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