SonicGear SPACE Series S3 S5 S7 Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the SonicGear SPACE Series Speaker. SonicGear is an audio brand renowned in Singapore for its affordable headphones and speakers. There are 3 models offered in the SPACE Series which are S3, S5 and S7. One of the highlights of these SPACE 2.1 speaker system is designing compact subwoofer that can be place on places that has little space such as desk. Traditional 2.1 speaker systems commonly has bulky heavy subwoofer to produce deep bass.

SPACE Series Specifications (S3, S5, S7)

  • Satellite Driver size: 2 x 2” full range
  • Output power: 5W, 7W, 8W (x2 satellite speakers)
  • Subwoofer Driver size: 3.5”
  • Output power: 10W, 16W, 20W
  • Frequency range: 60Hz – 18KHz
  • Total system power: 20W, 30W, 36W


  • Pure, rich sound. Unbelievably powerful bass from an ultra-small woofer.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 / Audio Line -in
  • High fidelity 2.1 audio speakers
  • Independent Volume and Bass controls


Packaging-1: The front of the packaging displays the satellite speaker and subwoofer. In addition, it also displays the speaker model, S3, S5 and S7 in large font.

Packaging-2: Behind the packaging lists speaker’s feature, technical specification and the content of the box. Also, there is an additional image that displays the speaker in full set (2 satellite speakers + subwoofer).

Packaging-3: When comparing the packaging from side view, the S7 model is slightly larger in width and height, while both S3 and S5 are similar in size.

Accessory-1: These are the accessories that comes in the SonicGear SPACE series. A user manual, remote control (available for SonicGear SPACE S5 and S7 model) and 1 line-in audio cable.

Accessory-2: Here is a closer look on the remote control. The labels are placed on the bottom of the remote control to indicate the port for earphone output, Line In, Micro SD Player, Switch for Bluetooth or AUX mode, and another button to skip next/previous track and play/pause music.

Speaker Design

Design-1: Here is an overview of all 3 SPACE series model. Starting from the left to right: S3 has cloth covering both the satellite speaker and subwoofer, S5 without cloth protection for its satellite speaker and S7 has a metal casing for the satellite speaker and cloth covering the entire front of the subwoofer.

Design-2: Looking at the sides of the SPACE series model in the same sequence: The interface of S5 and S7 are the same whereas S3 has the master volume control and micro-SD input on the subwoofer since it does not come with a remote control. The largest knob controls the bass volume. The USB port is to powerup the remote control. All models has Bluetooth feature and by default starts in Bluetooth mode.

Design-3: The port hole is located on the lower left side of the subwoofer.

Design-4: A closer look at the satellite speaker for S3, S5 and S7 model. I really like the clean look of both S5 and S7.

Design-5: There aren’t any anti-slip pad on the satellite speaker. Just a plastic wide base to stabilize the tall satellite speaker.

User Experience

During the S5 and S7 speaker setup, I had trouble figuring the remote control cable connection. After consulting the user manual, I realized both cables are required to be connected to the subwoofer which I find it a little odd as I expected the USB cable to be plugged to the subwoofer for power and to send command (e.g. adjust volume and audio signal) while the other auxiliary audio cable is connected to the audio source such as laptop/PC/smartphone. User required to use the provided line-in audio cable from the box to make connection between the remote control and the audio device. After playing some songs on the speaker, I discovered that the satellite speaker wasn’t able to provide a wide dispersion of sound due to its small speaker driver which covers both the highs and mids. I ended up placing the satellite speakers closer towards ear level for best listening experience, while the subwoofer is placed in the on the center of the desk. I also noticed crackling in the audio when playing music at volume above 70%. The volume at 60% is sufficiently loud to cover a medium size room, but for best listening experience is to sit close to the satellite speakers.


The audio quality between these 3 speakers are roughly the same when listened blindfolded. However, S7 has an upperhand with slightly punchier bass and better sound clarity overall. Personally, I would go with S5 model for the remote control convenience. You may want to choose S7 for all the bells and whistles or S3 for the budget speaker option. SPACE series covers all of these options nicely! The SonicGear SPACE series are now available on online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 with various color to choose from for each SPACE models.


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Decent audio and build quality for the price.
  • Delivers good bass from such a small subwoofer
  • Has built-in MP3/WMA player
  • S5 and S7 comes with remote control so users does not have to adjust volume via subwoofer interface.
  • Exceptional Bluetooth range.


  1. Remote control should reduced to 1 cable connecting to the subwoofer so cabling will be more manageable.
  2. Does not save last mode. Always switches to Bluetooth mode when startup.


  1. The bass volume control is located on the subwoofer instead on the remote control.
  2. Satellite speakers lack dedicated tweeter for higher frequencies.
  3. Subwoofer anti-slip rubber padding unable to prevent it from moving around the desk when playing high volume.


  • Malaysia: SPACE 3 – RM 119, Space 5 – RM 179, Space 7 – RM 279
  • Singapore: SPACE 3 – S$49.90, SPACE 5 – S$69.90, SPACE 7 – S$99.00


If there is a subsequent revision released for the SPACE series, I highly opt for a better cable management system. I suggest that the remote control to have only 1 cable connection to the subwoofer, and the subwoofer has an audio output connection that can connect to the audio device to simplify the wiring system. In addition, I would prefer the audio connection relocated to the rear of the subwoofer so cable management looks balance when spreading the wires on both left and right satellite speaker.

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