SonicGear BlueSports 5 Earphone Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing another new product from SonicGear and it’s the BlueSports 5 Earphones released in 2017. This lightweight in-ear headphones comes in 4 colors which are orange, green, red and blue. The model I have with me is the orange. Before diving into the review, let’s check the technical specifications and features that this product has to offer.


  • SonicGear superior audio design.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 48 hours of standby time and 150 minutes of play/talk time.
  • Convertible bluetooth earphone for casual sport
  • Snug fit with attachment of different size for all ages
  • Lighter than other ordinary Bluetooth earphones
  • Stronger 4.1 Bluetooth connection for seamless audio

Technical Specifications

  • Headphone Features: Built-in Microphone, Bluetooth
  • Model: SonicGear Bluesport 5
  • Compatible Operating System: Universal
  • Packaging Weight: 200 gram.
  • Warranty period 1 Year (Local Supplier Warranty)

What’s Inside?

Packaging: Here are 4 angles of the packaging. The earphone can be seen from the front via the transparent plastic. It also indicates the model of the earphone along with the color. The rear shows a brief description of the earphone “Snug, Lighter, Stronger”. The left side indicates the technical specifications and accessories. The right side shows that it can connect with mobile phones via Bluetooth, control has a volume controller, and suitable for sport activities!

Accessory: The packaging comes with 1 x SonicGear Bluesport 5 Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Orange), 3 sets of Silicone Gel included (Small, Medium, Large), a micro-USB to USB charging cable and a User Manual guide. The fonts are really small on the guide but it does save some paper. Great for the environment!


Design-1: Here is a closer look on the earphone! The earphone has a nice curvy shape that helps fitting into the ear. The earphone has the medium size pre-installed. I had to switched to the smaller one as it provides better comfort for me with less pressure from the larger size of the Silicone gel ear tip. The greyish part of the wire is made with some kind easily bendable metal which you can use to wrap around the ears to reduce the weight of the wires hanging downwards.

Design-2: The remote does not come with any SD card input. It only has a micro-USB charger port with the standard 3 buttons. Starting from left to right (volume decrease ~ Previous Song, Hang Up Calls ~ Receive Phone Calls, Volume Increase ~ Next Song). Press and holding the center button for 3 seconds will turn it on/off. Press once on volume to increase/decrease, Press and hold volume to skip to next/previous music track. Press Phone button to Play/Pause music track or receive call.

Other Notes

The BlueSports 5 Earphone automatically pairs with an audio source that is Bluetooth capable such as smartphone if it’s within 1 meter in distance. To connect, you will need to find for the label “SG BlueSports 5” in the Bluetooth window on Android or iPhone. It has a L.E.D light to indicate its charging (red light indicates charging, blue light flashes once every 2 seconds for successful Bluetooth pairing) This earphone can be charged using the provided charging cable connected to a power bank, computer or USB charger. Although the earphone lacks deep bass and sparkling highs, the audio quality is decent for casual music listening with budget users in mind. With this affordable price, you can purchase a few and place them in the office desk, gym and traveling bag.



  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Noise environment hardly heard when music is being played.
  • Decent audio quality for its price.
  • Comfortable snugs on the ear.


  • N/A


  • The remote does not use utilize contrast symbols, making it difficult to know which is the volume up/down.
  • There isn’t a model for black/white to make it less obvious to other users around you.
  • Ear piece does not have left/right mark symbol. The remote which is closest to the earpiece indicates the right side one.
  • Bluetooth signal drops when the distance between audio source and earphone is more than 2 meters.

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