Hydance C5 HY-500CT 500W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be performing a power supply review on an unfamiliar brand known as Hydance. Hydance is a company selling power supply products in China and Taiwan. The HY logo stamped on their product uniquely originates from 2 sources: H refers to ‘Haydn’ (an outstanding classical composer which the company salutes) and Y resembles a gymnastic handstand. The power supply sample unit I received is from the CT series with the model number C5 (HY-500CT). This CT series has 3 power supply watt variants: C4 (400W), C5 (500W) and C6 (600W). The SRP for C5 is 199 MYR (55 USD) at the point this review is created. Before jumping into the review, let’s take a look at the features that this product offers and grab an overview of the technical specification.

HY-500CT Features

  • Beyond the Bronze, Pursue after the Silver: Beyond 80PLUS 230V EU Bronze Power Efficiency. Approaching to 80PLUS 230V EU Silver Efficiency performance.
  • Highly Reliable Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: A build that integrates high level, Taiwan-sourced components to extend product life.
  • Double +12V Outputs: Double enhanced +12V current capability broadens utilization possibilities.
  • Double Forward Converter Design
  • Active Power Factor Correction (99% PF Typical)
  • ECO Smart Temperature Control for Energy Saving: At all times monitoring function of power temperature and fan speed, achieving to the highest performance and Prolong life expectancy.
  • Ultra Extra wires length arrangement: Extra wire length design available for all types of Computer Cases.
  • Our commitment to superior quality: This upgraded and advanced consumer power supply is backed by a 3 years warranty and the industry-leading technical support from Hydance.
  • 120mm Silent Cooling Fan: Increases airflow and product lifetime while reducing nose and fan rotation speed.
  • Universal Video Card Support.
  • Honeycomb Ventilation: Minimizes airflow resistance for maximum cooling.

HY-500CT Technical Specifications

  • Model: C5 500 Bronze (HY-500CT / Active PFC)
  • Intel Specifications: ATX12V / EPS12V
  • Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 86 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Efficiency: Energy Star / ErP Lot 6 2013 compliant.
  • Protection Features: OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP
  • Hazardous Materials: WEEE / RoHS
  • AC Inout Range: Constant 230V / 50Hz
  • Safety: CE, CCC

Power Supply Connectors

  • 1 x Main Power (24P) = 500mm
  • 1 x EPS12V (8P) x 1 = 550mm
  • 2 x PCI-E (8P) x 2 = 550mm + 150mm
  • 4 x SATA
  • 3 x Peripheral (4P)
  • Length: 520 (SATA) + 130 (SATA) + 130 (Molex) + 130 (Molex)
  • Length: 520 (SATA) + 130 (SATA) + 130 (Molex)

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Hydance C5 CT-500 Packaging

Packaging-1: Here is a look at the top of the C5 packaging. The box is in blue theme, with their branding “Hydance” located at the top left corner, and the model name “C5” and 80PLUS certification “Bronze” is located at the bottom along with a simple description “500W Power Supply” in the center bottom.

Packaging-2: Looking on the left side of the box, here it displays some of its features which are as listed earlier in this review! Highly Reliable Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Beyond Bronze ~ Pursue after Silver, Double +12V Outputs and 120mm Mute Cooling Fan.

Packaging-3: On the right side of the box, it displays the other half of its features: Honeycomb Ventilation, ECO Smart Temperature Control for Energy Saving, Ultra Extra wires length arrangement, and Our Commitment to Superior Quality.

Packaging-4: On the bottom of the packaging, we can find the Special Features in point form without the description like the one shown on both left and right side, and at the bottom lists the C5 specifications which is shown in the earlier section of this review.

Packaging-5: On the top of the box lists all 8 of the features in Chinese as opposed to 4 on each sides in English. A Q.C “Quality Check” sticker can be found here too.

Packaging-6: Opening up the package reveals the warranty card, plastic foams and power supply cable. There aren’t any user manual guide to be found.

Hydance C5 CT-500 Accessories

Accessories-1: Removing all of the packaging content, we can find the following items (starting from top left to bottom right): a 3-pin power supply cable, a warranty card, 4 silver screws in a seal plastic bag and the power supply itself protected in bubble wrap.

Accessories-2: The 3-pin power cable measures 20 inches in length.

Accessories-3: Here are the standard 4 screws which are used to mount securely to your computer case.

Hydance C5 CT-500 Design

Design-1: On the left side of the power supply, we can find additional technical information about this device. (+5V 15A) + (+3.3V 20A) = 120W | (12V1 20A) + (+12V2 20A) = 400W | -12V 0.3A = 3.6W | +5VSB 2A = 10W : Total 500W

Design-2: On the right side of the power supply, it has an embedded Hydance logo which is pretty cool.

Design-3: Looking at the C5 rear, we can find a label “Hydance 230VAC” along with a power switch. It has lots of honeycomb mesh grill to allow hot air to escape.

Design-4: There isn’t anything unique looking at the top, just a plain black cover.

Design-5: Looking at the bottom of the power supply, it’s chilled by a 120mm black fan by pulling fresh cooled air through the honeycomb grill.

Design-6: Here are all the cables found hard-wired to this power supply. Although it is not a modular or semi-modular power supply, these cables are sufficient for those who uses 1 graphic card from Nvidia/AMD, and owners who uses 4 HDD/SSD. It comes with 3 Molex power cables which can be used to for old PC fans, CD/DVD-ROM, fan/light controller, water pump, etc. During my installation of this power supply in my full tower case (Fractal Define XL), the 24pin could barely connect to the motherboard if its routed behind the motherboard tray. As for 8pin, it wasn’t long enough to route from behind, therefore, its routed from the front. However, this issues is non prevalent when installing in a regular mid tower or itx computer case. For full tower chassis, I would prefer at least 550mm for 24pin and 600mm for 8pin.

Design-7: The dimension for this C5 Power Supply is 150mm (length) x 140mm (width) and 86 mm (height), which is overall 15% smaller and lighter compared to my 750W Platinum Power Supply.

Hydance C5 CT-500 Verdict

Overall, the Hydance C5 offers some great internal features such as the implementation of high quality capacitors, 80PLUS Bronze. The only hiccup that I found was during the connection of cables to the motherboard. Both essential power cables (24 Pin + 8 Pin) are quite short when its installed inside a full tower case. During my load testing, the power supply does not make any irritating noise such as coil whine which is common in inexpensive power supply units and does not produces much heat too. The 12 cm fan spinning within the power supply is remarkably quiet. Other notes: It consumes 3.5w when PC has shut down, consumes approximately 62.6~65.6W on idle with Intel Core i7 3770K + GTX 760 + 3 HDD and during my AIDA Load CPU+GPU Load Test consumes approximately 281~288W.


  • Sufficient Power Cables for Mainstream Needs: This power supply supports basic configuration of 1 graphic card (8+8/8+6/6+6 Pin), up to 4 mixed hard drives and solid state drives, and up to 3 various Molex powered devices such as CD-DVD ROM, fan controller, water pump, light-controller.
  • Super Quiet: No coil whine during operation. Spinning fan does not emit annoying sound.
  • Long Cable Length: The C5 500W main power 20+4 Pin cable (500mm) and EPS12V 8 Pin cable (550mm) length is much longer compared to other popular power supply brands. For a comparison, Antec VP measures 400/500mm, Super Flower measures 480/520mm and Corsair VS measures 460/550mm. Longer cable length makes it much more convenient to route the cables behind the motherboard tray and connect them easily.


  • Unsleeved Cables: Some of the power supply cables connecting to the computer components within aren’t sleeved up to their connectors which may not look good especially in windowed computer cases.

p.s. I would like to thank Inter-Asia for providing me the opportunity to review this product.

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