Edifier S350DB Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing the Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker System that was recently released in 2017. This speaker is a member of the Edifier’s Signature series which transcends ordinary desktop speaker system in both sound quality and design aspects. This speaker series uses high quality MDF wood enclosures to reduce vibrations, has a polished finishing, comes with various input ports to connect to all type of devices, and best of all the satellite speaker and subwoofer produces excellent audio quality. Before diving into the review, let’s take a quick look at the Edifier S350DB specification and features that it has to offer!

Note: The Edifier S350DB setup with HiMedia Q10 Pro and Dell U2713HM monitor. The box is placed below the subwoofer to get it into the picture better! It does not distort the sound quality.
Edifier S350DB Speaker Setup Overview


  • Power Output: R/L (treble): 15W + 15W, R/L (mid-range and bass) 25W + 25W, SW: 70W
  • Noise Level: < 25dB(A)
  • Frequency Response Range: R/L 160Hz-20KHz, SW: 40Hz-160Hz
  • Audio Inputs: PC / Auxiliary / Optical / Coaxial / Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth V4.0 input with aptX technology
  • Digital Optical (toshlink) & Coaxial input, PC / AUX dual analog inputs
  • Titanium dome tweeters, aluminium diaphragm mids and 8 inch subwoofer
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • 150W RMS total power.
  • Full function IR remote control
  • 100-240V power supply


Design-1: Here is a look at the Edifier S350DB satellite speakers on the front. The top is the tweeter protected with a metal shield and the bottom is the mid-range and bass driver. The active satellite speaker has a LED screen that displays the mode that the speaker is in (e.g. optical/Bluetooth/coaxial/auxiliary/PC).
Edifier S350DB Speaker Satellites

Design-2: Here is a closer look at the satellite speaker from the side. Each satellite speaker feels heavy and have a premium feel to it. I noticed that the mid and subwoofer have this rounded-pyramid metal glued to it.
Edifier S350DB Speaker Satellites Closeup

Design-3: Looking at the sides of the speaker, the active speaker has the control to the treble, bass and volume.
Edifier S350DB Satellite Speaker Sides

Design-4: Here is a closer look at the control on the active speaker. The first knob controls treble with (-6/+6), the second knob controls the bass (-6/+6) and last knob controls the volume (0~50, each increment loudness by 2%), pressing the last knob switches the audio input (e.g. coaxial/Bluetooth/auxiliary). Particularly useful in case the remote control runs out of battery or misplaced. It does not provide control over audio tracks (next/previous/pause/play).
Edifier S350DB Speaker Control

Design-5: On the rear, the satellite speaker has a mini port hole to allow air to go in and out when playing the mid-range bass speaker. The active speaker (right) has a hardwired cable which is used to connect to the subwoofer. The passive speaker (left) uses the Connecting audio cable to connect to the subwoofer too.

Design-6: Both satellite speaker comes with 4 anti-slip pads which is great to prevent the speaker from moving around when playing loud music.

Design-7: This is the front 8-inch subwoofer box. It’s very big compared to the satellite speakers. Users need to handle it with care as the front side is heavier than the rear. The subwoofer has an Edifier logo displayed in front too.

Design-8: The rear of the subwoofer has all the necessary connection inputs and a power on/off switch.

Design-9: Here is a closer look at the audio interface of the subwoofer. Starting from left to right: PC (3.5mm-RCA cable inputs), AUX (3.5mm-RCA cable inputs), optical (OPT), coaxial (COX), VGA-type connector and the regular Edifier audio cable connector.

Design-10: The subwoofer is supported by 4 large rounded anti-slip pads. The side has 1 big port hole to allow air to flow in and out while the subwoofer plays the bass deep and loud. The top of the subwoofer does not have anything special.


Accessory-1: The Edifier S350DB accessories are 1 remote control, 1 power cable (1.8M/5.9ft), 3.5mm-RCA audio cable (1.7M/5.5ft), Speaker Connecting Cable (3M/10ft), Fiber optic input cable (1.5M/5ft), and a user manual.

Accessory-2A: The Edifier RC600A remote control allows user to switch to different modes (optical / coaxial / auxiliary / PC / Bluetooth), change the speaker volume, move to next/previous audio track, play-pause audio track and set it on standby mode.

Accessory-2B: The remote control is powered by a Lithium Cell CR2025 3V Battery. The black cover can be easily removed without requiring any special tools.

User Experience

My first impression with the Edifier S350DB speaker is the highs and mids comes towards the person similarly to a person talking in front of you. It reminded me of the Edifier S1000DB speaker that I have reviewed previously. It’s really good for vocal music or anything that deals with vocal (blogging/news/live-orchestra). The next thing that struck me was, regardless of the positioned I was sitting while listening to the speaker, the crystal clear mellow highs can be heard vividly. The satellite speaker somehow is able to deliver wider sweet spot when listening to music/audio. The third thing that blew my socks off was the bass. The bass output was deep, loud and easily handles the lower frequencies without muddying the highs and mids. There was a clear separation of audio coming towards me when playing heavy bass music, techno-trance music and classical music.

I started with the music by Wintergatan Marble Machine and the marbles hitting each instrument produces a very clear smooth sound to the ears. When it comes to the drum-like bass, it hits hard and bounces up in the right time (not too fast, not too slow). When both the high and lows comes together, it weaves so nicely that it makes me enjoy the music more. It’s a little difficult to describe it in words. Having a listen to it will give you this experience.

Next, I moved on to music sang by the charismatic Jane Zhang that was labelled as the Dolphin Princess (most versatile pop singer from China). She sang the song Diva Dance from The Fifth element. Her voice produced from the Edifier S350DB speaker was amazingly superb. There wasn’t any distortion from the tweeters when she sang her high-pitch at a high volume. The mids is warm and has a fluffy fulfilling feel to it. Second portion of the song plays the drums, the thumping bass kicks in smoothly.

Then, I tested with other various music genre from techno-trance, vocals, some drums and try on some regular videos such as blogging, orchestra and live band. I discovered that this speaker works really well in particular with live band audio. The subwoofer remains just warm even though its being played for several hours. The only hiccup that I have encountered was pairing my smartphone with the speaker via Bluetooth. It was slow at first, but then it works fine.


The performance of the Edifier S350DB surpasses all of my expectations. With that, I can easily recommend the Edifier S350DB for gamers, TV/movie watchers, and especially to those who particularly keen in premium audio quality for live footage such as orchestra, blogging and outdoor activities. The Edifier S350DB seems pricey with the price tag of RM1099 in Lazada (e-commerce site) but don’t let it discourage you from considering it. Have a listen to the speaker in your nearby local audio shops!

Pros and Cons


  1. Amazing mellow highs and warm mids that comes towards you.
  2. Ground-shaking deep bass which does not overpower the treble and mids frequencies.
  3. No sound distortion nor crackling when playing at extremely loud volumes.
  4. No white noise produced when left speaker on idle or turning it on/off.
  5. Minimalistic luxurious design that fits along with various furniture in home/office.
  6. Compatible with different input audio ports (Auxiliary/Coaxial/Toslink)


  1. Does not have a protective shield to protect against poking from sharp objects for subwoofer and mid driver.
  2. Lacks NFC feature for easier pairing with devices such as smartphones.


The Edifier S350DB is an impressive refined 2.1 speaker system that one should not missed as it delivers great clarity and bass regardless the position in the room.

Edifier S350DB Speaker Sound Test Videos

Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker Test (Instrumental, Techno, Bass)

Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker Instrumental Test with Wintergatan Marble Machine

Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker Test High Pitch Vocal by Jane Zhang

Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker Sound Test with Choir, Violin, Flute, Drums

Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker Female Vocal Test (Jane Zhang – All Of Me)

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2 thoughts on “Edifier S350DB Speaker Review

  1. Tiago


    really nice review I also read your review about the S1000DB. I am trying to research about the S350DB and S1000DB, to try to decide what to buy, the S350DB are slightly cheaper were I live, but there’s no physical store, so I can’t test it, they seem to share some of the insides. Since you tried both of them, how would you compare them?


    1. Gene Post author

      @Tiago: The Edifier S350DB has a dedicated subwoofer to play the lower frequencies well. For Edifier S1000DB, it has larger mid-drivers that is able to play both mids and bass.
      If bass music is played on the S1000DB, it will struggle abit with the lower-frequencies and the bass will sound hard and fast, wheras Edifier S350DB can play the bass deep and powerful.
      If you frequently watch movies, listen to bass~drum music then I highly recommend the Edifier S350DB for you without any thoughts.
      A side note, Edifier S360DB has released few months ago, which utilizes tweeters from Edifier S2000Pro.
      You may consider this model if you have more budget.
      I would recommend Edifier S1000DB to users who plays non-bassy music (violins, pianos, instrumentals, vocals) or music that focuses on the mids mostly.