Armaggeddon Puma III Speaker Review

Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing Armaggeddon Puma III Speaker. It’s a large portable Bluetooth speaker with 2 passive radiators on its sides and 2 speaker drivers on the front. There are 2 models for this speaker: Puma 3 Jet Black and Puma 3 Camouflage. The one that I’m having with me is the Puma 3 Camouflage which has a military accent that blends well outdoors. Armaggeddon is a gaming gear manufacturer based in Singapore, which specializes on gaming peripherals for casual and competitve gamers alike. It shares the same parent company as SonicGear and PowerLogic, that is under the Leapfroglobal Group. Before diving into the review, let’s check out the features and specifications of this speaker!


  • Has 5 Audio Modes (Bluetooth, Radio, USB, Auxiliary, TF Card)
  • Has a carrying strap for outdoor usage
  • Outdoor Mode to playing music at higher frequency.


  • Output Power (RMS): 16W (8W x 2)
  • Driver Unit: 2.75″ 4 Ohm 8W x 2
  • Frequency: 90Hz~20KHz
  • S/N Ratio: 85dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Power Supply: USB 5V & Battery 3.7V
  • Battery: 4500 mAh last for 4 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2


Packaging-1: Here is the front of the box. IT displays the Puma 3 Jet Black version. The packaging shows it supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Packaging-2: At the rear of the box, it displays the Puma 3 Camouflage version, including the technical specification of the speaker and accessories. The box contains the following items: 1 x Puma 3, 1 x Aux in-Line Cable, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual and 1 x Carrying strap.

Packaging-3: The side of the speaker shows a few icons: Outdoor Mode, FM Radio, AUX IN, TF Card and USB Audio Playback.


Design-1: The top of the speaker has 4 buttons. Starting from left to right: on/off button, microphone hole for hands-free function, volume decrease button, MODE button to switch between Bluetooth/AUX/USB/TF, Blue LED indicator (fast flash means Bluetooth waiting for connection and slow twinkle means connected), volume increase button, Red LED indicator means battery charging and no light means fully charged and lastly the hands-free button (press to answer call). The volume buttons can be used to skip next/previous track by holding down. Carrying strap recommended to be applied for better portability.

Design-2: The rear of the speaker does not have any grills like the front, just a rubber cover that hides away the speaker interface.

Design-3: The speaker interface contains a few sockets. Starting from left to right: USB charging socket (micro-USB port), Micro SD card socket, USB card socket, Reset and AUX Cable Socket 3.5mm.

Design-4: The bottom of the speaker has 4 mini rubber feets to hold the speaker down from slipping around when playing music at high volume.

Design-5: Here is the passive bass radiator that vibrates when it plays music that contains bass. It has a nice Armaggeddon logo on it with the label “Bring the Action”.



  • Produces powerful thumping bass. Can feel strong vibration when placed on the desk.
  • Decent audio quality and good sturdy stable build.
  • Multiple audio sources (USB/AUX/Bluetooth/FM-Radio)
  • Offers a lot more features compared to other portable speakers in the market


  • Bulky. It’s quite big and heavy. Luckily, the accessory contains a carrying strap.
  • Could not get good signal with using the built-in FM radio.
  • Outdoor Mode sounds sacrifices the mids to produce piercingly sharp highs.
  • Accessories does not include a USB to USB cable, need to buy 1 to connect to your laptop/PC, unless you just use USB drive formatted in FAT32 to play WAV/MP3 format songs.


  • The speaker audio feels hold up when playing complex music containing multiple layers of sound but after playing for several hours, it begins to open up.
  • The highs are slightly piercing when listening directly in front of it, but from the sides is okay.
  • When using the speaker is used to communicate with people when picking up a call via phone Bluetooth, it sounds loud and clear but there were alot of echoes.


For such a large speaker, it would be good to make use of the extra space on the front with additional pair of tweeters to cover the higher frequencies while the mid range drivers cover the middle. This will produce a more soothing crisp high rather than piercing high when the speaker is directed towards the listener. Also, it would be helpful to have different color light to indicate the mode that the speaker is in. (e.g. blue = Bluetooth, red = auxiliary, green = radio) In addition is to show the percentage of the battery being charged (e.g. 20/40/60/80/100%) ~ it could be showing the 5 mini white L.E.D. lights. Finally, implementation of a retractable radio antenna behind the speaker to improve the radio signal receiving capability, along with a radio dial to ease switching radio channels.

Armaggeddon Puma II Speaker Videos

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2 thoughts on “Armaggeddon Puma III Speaker Review

  1. Ryan

    When i play bass-ish songs on the speakers the volume drops whenever it hits bass, is this permanent

    1. Gene Post author

      @Ryan: I have not encountered the issue where Armaggeddon Puma III speaker volume drops whenever it hits the bass. You could try playing the speaker for few hours a day to get the speaker driver warmed up. Another thing you can try is to charge up the speaker to the maximum battery before playing the speaker to see if this issue can be reproduced. If the issue persist, you can try asking for a replacement within the warranty period.